50 Cool Company Names

The first task to be done in setting up a business is providing it a business name. A name elucidates a lot about the company. The business name should be attractive so that it catches the attention of consumers. Today, a number of companies have come forward with incredible names that are eye-catching and astounding.

The 50 Cool Company Names Are:

  1. Apple: The name “apple” based on the name of a fruit which is evidently different. Steve Jobs came back from an apple farm and thought it would be a fun name.
  2. Google: The name “Google” means absolutely nothing but today it is one of the most used words. It was the misspelling of Googol.
  3. Yahoo!: The name “Yahoo!” is a fun name.
  4. Dropbox: The name “dropbox” depicts dropping the files into a virtual box where it is kept saved.
  5. Microsoft: The name depicts SOFTware for microprocessors.
  6. Facebook: Social network connecting different faces all over the world.
  7. Instagram: The name Instagram is a portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram.”     
  8. Snapchat: The name depicts Snapshots via chats.
  9. Alibaba: Much of an attractive name for an e-commerce company.
  10. Duckduckgo: The name was based on a popular children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose.
  11. Ola Cabs- Ola is derived from “Hola”, the Spanish term for Hello.
  12. Baskin Robbins- It is a fun name for an American ice-cream producer.  
  13. Skype- It was derived from “sky peer-to-peer”, abbreviated as a really cool name, Skype.
  14. Flipkart- “Flip” denotes flipping pages and “kart” represents shopping.
  15. Amazon- Amazon is a place that is “exotic and different”. Therefore, it is a cool name.
  16. Infosys- Infosys is the portmanteau of “information system”.
  17. Starbucks- Based on the name of a character in a classic book “Starbuck”, it gives a perfect name for a coffee store.
  18. Samsung- Samsung in Korean hanja language means three stars. It is an attractive name for a world’s leading mobile producing company.
  19. Electrolux- Electrolux is a portmanteau of “Electronic Luxury”.
  20. Whirlpool- It means “rotating water drawing everything inside itself”. It is an inspirational name for a company, to absorb the world into it.
  21. Red Bull- It represents “Bull” as energy and “red” as a color of perseverance.
  22. Dunkin Donuts- It is a fun name for a “doughnut” producing company.
  23. Intel- Intel represents “integrated electronics” is an abbreviation.
  24. Dell- Dell is simply the “surname” of the owner.
  25. Life’s Good Electronics- It is called “LG”, which is ‘Lucky Goldstar’, used with the tagline of “Life’s Good”.
  26. Deloitte- Deloitte is a cool name for a multinational professional services company.
  27. ASUS- It was basically derived from “Pegasus”. The last four letters were given in order to give higher order in alphabetical strings.
  28. Adobe- Adobe is an interesting name, given after a river “Adobe Creek” in Los Altos.
  29. Coca Cola- It is named because of the “Cocaine leaf” and “Kola fruits”. The owner thought that if “C” occurs twice, it will be a better name.
  30. Reliance- Reliance is a good name for a telecommunication company, meaning “depending on someone”.
  31. Softonic- Softonic is a combination of “software tonic”.
  32. Mozilla- It is a short form of “mosaic killer”. It is an interesting name for a software company.
  33. Opera- Opera is a type of dramatic music. This company makes web browsers and other softwares.
  34. L’oreal- It is a French name for personal care products making company.
  35. Walmart- It is a name based on the owner Walton. It gives a nice short form of WalMart.
  36. Square- Square is a financial services company, named on the geometrical figure.
  37. Huawei- It is one of the topmost IT companies. It’s name represents “honor”.
  38. Hitachi- Hitachi is a Japanese name based upon the surname of the owner.
  39. Foxconn- It is a Taiwanese electronics company which contains “fox”, an animal.
  40. Alphabet- It is an attractive name for a company corporate restructured by Google. Alphabet Inc is a multinational colgomorate.
  41. Subway- Subway is a “Submarine sandwich” company which was initially called “Subs” and later modified to a much attractive name “Subway”.
  42. Mc Donald’s- It is a simple name given after “McDonald brothers’ hamburgers”. Today, it is world’s leading company for food services.
  43. Oracle- It is based on a program named “Oracle”. It is a multinational computer technology based company.
  44. Accenture- Accenture is basically “accent on the future”.
  45. Hewlett Packard- Based on the names of the producers, it was decided by a coin toss whether it will be called “Hewlett Packard” or “Packard Hewlett”.
  46. Capgemini- The name is an acronym for “Business management and information processing company”.
  47. Mu Sigma- It is a combination of statistical terms “Mu” and “Sigma”. It is much of an attractive name.
  48. Cognizant- It means “awareness of now and then” , it gives a perfect  name for a 21st century IT company.
  49. e-Bay- In this name, “e” means “online” and “bay” is a “broad inlet of sea”. It becomes a nice name for an e-commerce company.
  50. Shopify- Shopify is a modern name for a Canadian e-commerce company.

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